I am Equinox

Gary Cowan is the Managing Director of award-winning film and TV production company, Equinox  Film and TV, based in MediaCityUK’s Blue Tower. Equinox has over 20 years’ experience creating high quality productions specialising in advertising for TV, commercials, web films and corporate documentaries. Last year alone it created over 900 commercials, 739 hours of footage and their campaigns have achieved 15 billion TV views.

Tell us about Equinox Film and TV do?

Equinox is a client focused business which utilises the creative industry to deliver content that generates results for our clients. We are driven by a cohesive team of talented, dedicated producers that have long-standing relationships with crews and post production houses throughout Europe, North America, South Africa and China, to ensure we can also support international production at any level.

What were your main challenges in starting up?

The company formed in the early 90s when technology for video production was too expensive for a new independent business. Not only this, but the best talent was exclusively found in London at the time. The cost of travelling to London made it difficult for North West businesses to be competitive. We are part of the driving force that brought commercial production to the North West.

Tell us about some of your projects?

We have a very diverse body of work, from high-end international brand TV Commercials for clients such as Vimto, to corporate conferences for web viewing. Because productions are always different shapes and sizes, we are led by a team of skilled producers and creative filmmakers who can undertake any new challenge. 

What is the best project you’ve worked on and why?

We really enjoyed the work and success of our P&O Cruises sponsorship of Downton Abbey. This is a flagship ITV show watched by over 10 million people every episode. We won multiple awards for this project including for ‘consumer effectiveness’. The shoot involved an 11-day cruise around the Canary Islands - it was tough work!

What plans do you have for the future? 

The digital market has boomed in the last five years, and we have seen very clear growth in our online department, thus enabling us to grow the business within this exciting new area. The future will consist of seeking innovative methods to deliver effective routes to market for our clients online.